One of the largest producers of E-Liquid. Dekang is well known within the eCig world for their premium eliquids.

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Apple - 10ml
It doesn't get any better than this if your after a tasty apple flavor.  Perfect for a all day ..
BH Son - 10ml
A favourite for any tobacco lover, BH Son flavor is now available to vape. A perfect ..
Blueberry - 10ml
This flavor will make you want more if your into your sweet flavors, a top seller of Dekang !!! ..
Cherry - 10ml
No more cherry picking, you can enjoy this flavor all year round. ..
Double Menthol - 10ml
Another top seller that we are proud to sell.  If you love menthol flavor then this one is high..
Double Mint - 10ml
It's no surprise that this is one of our best popular flavors of e-liquid - its minty taste will lea..
SC LK - 10ml
SC LK needs no introduction if you were a ex smoker. This tobacco taste is recreated in e-liqui..
Tobacco - 10ml
A perfect flavor for those who want stick with the taste of tobacco. ..
Vanilla - 10ml
Vanilla flavor e liquid. ..

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